måndag 28 oktober 2013


Nu finns den kommande sjuan på Rundgång Rekords ute digitalt!

Nytt 25/10

Age Of Woe - s/t 7" 50:- "Anger, raw aggression, and fury! Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden"

Belgrado - s/t LP 150:- "Great new wave/punk band from Barcelona/Spain! The female vocals and the guitars will hook you up from the beginning to the end of this record! Those of you who are into Joy Division and Killing Joke will love it"

Bi-Marks - s/t LP 150:- "7 new songs from this Portland band who play fast, catchy HC"

Bi-Marks - The Golden Years LP 150:- "Debut LP from this Portland band who play fast, catchy HC. The foundation is blistering 80s-inspired HC a la Direct Control"

Brudte Løfter - Ung Dum & Desparat 7" 50:- "New K-Town Hardcore outfit with ex-members of Nuclear Death Terror, Hjertestop and Ripping Headache"

Concrete Sox - Whoops Sorry Vicar LP (purple Vinyl) 150:- "the music is even more metallic, and the vocals are a bit more aggressive, possessing a bit of a sneer"

Concrete Sox - Your Turn Next LP (white vinyl) 150:- "This is their debut from 1986! This is raw, thrashy UK hardcore with a much more metallic tinge than a lot of those other bands had early on"

Entombed - Left Hand Path LP 150:- "kick started the whole Swedish death metal scene"

Government Issue - Fun Never Ends LP 150:- "this reissue also contains four alternate and out-take songs culled from the band's vaults and never before released"

Government Issue - s/t LP 150:- "This is a reissue of their self-titled album from 1986 and it’s first time in print in 20 years"

Hoax - s/t LP 150:- "includes all total sick tunes from their three EPs and the Songs from the split with Sewn Leather"

Infest - Slave LP 150:- "This LP is 18 times non-stop power-violence of only the best variety"

Lautstürmer - Depopulator LP 150:- "another bunch of Swedish cider-garglers raging impotently"

Melvins - Gluey Porch Treatments LP 150:- "Melvins' debut (1987) and the birth of everything slow and heavy to come after it"

Metal Duck - Auto Ducko Destructo Mondo LP 150:- "Auto Ducko Destructo Mondo is a classic of the UK hardcore and thrash scenes"

Mob 47 - Kärnvapen Attack 7" 50:- "Mob 47 took the anger and intensity of early 80's Swedish hardcore and injected it with the speed and high energy of American Thrash"

Night Birds - Born To Die In Suburbia LP 150:- ""Born To Die In Suburbia" announces itself with the ballsy punk/surf instrumental "Escape From New York," continuing the band's love of old horror/sci-fi movie references"

Pettybone - From Desperate Times Comes Radical Minds LP 150:- "Combining brutal hardcore punk and raw, aggressive grunge, their sound is full on and original. Imagine a very, very angry Bikini Kill"

Skitkids - Besöket Vid Krubban limited LP 150:- "Very Limited edition with screen printed cover and colored vinyl! Raw and brutal hardcore"

The Vile - Provocation LP 150:- "ex-members of DISCHARGE, THE VARUKERS, BROKEN BONES, DISORDER and BRAINDANCE"

Tjänstevapen - Dömd LP 150:- "Debut record for this new band from Gothenburg/Sweden! Tjänstevapen unleash on "Dömd" 14 tracks of classic raging d-beat"

V.A. - 4-Way Split - Urban Waste, The Mob, Beastie Boys, The Abused LP 150:- "Four classic and early New York Hardcore EPs compiled on one LP"

Vånna Inget - Jag Ska Fly Tills Jag Hittar Hem 7" 50:- "The inspiration for the album is a jumble of Tant Strul, Pink Champagne, The Go-Go's, old Uggla, Håkan Hellström and Marked Men"

Young Wasteners - s/t 7" 50:- "one of the best punkrecords from denmark ever"

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