torsdag 17 september 2009

Prejka - vad är det?

Prejka är en ny sida på internet. Full av Malmöatmosfär. Psychic Malmö är en del av den.

Beskrivningen av sidan:
"Prejka is a collective music blog based in the post industrial town of Malmö, Sweden. Some of us run clubs, some do edits, some play in bands, some run record companies, some even make love to each other. What brings us together is of course the love for music and our dedicated effort to establish some sort of surrounding as a functional aphrodisiac community. Here you can get a sneak peak into our multi coloured living room. What you can expect to hear is everything from psyched out rhythmical expressions to sounds flirting with a lust of experimentation, further on towards lush disco and unknown algorithms."

Följande aktörer medverkar:
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