måndag 4 januari 2010

Årets skivor 2009: Billy Leahy

Billy is from Irland (därför skriver jag på engelska), he did the classic thing and meet a wonderful Swedish girl and moved to Malmö. Which makes me and our friends happy, because we get to know Billy and became good friends. The first time I meet him was on our yearly crayfish party (kräftskiva), and Billy got so drunk after all that schnapps so he had to call his girlfriend to come and help him to get home... And after that party we are friends and I really wanted Billy to be on the blog with his year list. So here it is, enjoy!

Billy´s 2009:

Taken by Trees: East of Eden
Fever Ray: Fever Ray
Animal Collective: MPP
So Cow: So Cow
Crystal Antlers: Tentacles

Black Dice: Repo
Girls: Album
Times New Viking: Born Again Revisited
The XX: xx
The Very Best: Warm Heart of Africa

These Are Powers: All Aboard Future
Lovvers: OCD Go GO Girls
Oneida: Rated O
DD/MM/YYYY: Black Square
Mika Miko: We Be Xuxa

Wooden Shjips: Dos
Health: Get Color
Nite Jewel: Good Evening
Telepathe: Dance Mother
YACHT: See Mystery Lights

Melt-Banana: Melt Banana Lite Live Ver 0.0
bob hund: Folkmusik För Folk Som Inte Kan Bete Sig Som Folk
Sonic Youth: The Eternal
Japandroids: Post-Nothing
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone: Advance Base Battery Life

"I've still to get my mitts on the records, so no Fuck Buttons or Twinkranes on the list. The Fuck Buttons show in Loppen is my call for gig of the year though.
Wolf Eyes, Pterodactyl, A Place to Bury Strangers, Psychic Ills, Nurses, Neon Indian... I just needed more time with you."

RIP: Mika Miko 2003-2009

By: Billy Leahy

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